Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 3/Episode 12 Betrayal in the Name of Good

The team preps for stopping the digital Mason from blowing up downtown. Real Life Mason aka Havier gets the team an invite after supposedly doing a run. What starts off as a party turns pear shaped when a fireball rips through the area when the team surprises Digital Mason’s cohorts with the fact they are not okay with killing several hundreds of thousands of innocent people. It moves to combat ensueing, the hired technomancer going into the matrix to rain in digital Maso, Ghost Dog severing outside connects to communication lines and auxiary power, Kogsi reeling from a specialized grenade that shocks the crap out of him while Mason tries to escape Danny’s increasing rage, a guard down pulverized by an earth elemental, a summoned beast spirit through out a window by Ghost Dog from the 130th floor to the mercenaries surprise, Chestshire down from several heavy pistol wounds from Danny, and Danny calling the Real Life Mason/Havier out. Oddly enough he still wants to hide from his pycho ex wife who’s now violently mad at him.


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