Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 3/Episode 13 When the Thor Doesn't Drop

Mason as usual tries to play the role of a non combatant. Danny is torn between kiling her Ex and facing off with an Earth elemental or getting the hell out of the way of the force of nature. The Lion Shaman put up a barrier to imprison the elemental. Ghost Dog tries to drag another victim to the window of death. Shade moves in to a safe position to astrally look into what the Shaman was doing.

Ghost Dog ends up killing the Shaman and three more subordinates, The elemental kills Danny, a robot with cyber sword arms, and a heavy gun. Shade takes out a another of the troops coming up the elevator shaft, Mason seeing the countdown started makes the executive decision on the Hermess connection and frags the equipment with several grenades to save lives versus line his pockets for a change.

With two members dead and White on the run again the team finds Mason at a crossroads and retires tired of the blood on his hands no matter how direct or indirect. Ghost Dog and Shade find themselves shopping for fresh young recruits to fill out a full team.


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