Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 4/Episode 1 Brain Hacking

With Shade and Ghost Dog resolving the fallout from their last job they meet with someone to take care of Coraline’s body and get a possible job offer. In the down time between the meet up for a new team Ghost Dog and Shade opt to find better lifestyles to ease into with the payout from their last few jobs. With a Troll Cybered up Enforcer looking to break into Shadowrunning from his Mafia job; Karlof, a herb smoking former corp rigger, and a teenage hacker, Quantum Freeze on their team Ghost Dog and Shade hope for good things from their newly formed crew on their third turn over.

Quantum Freeze’s Interview
Karlof Interview
G-Force Interview

The Job

With the details of the job figured out Quantum Freeze finds himself going down to Headhunter Bar and is easily spotted as a tourist or groupy from his reaction to the scenery and looking at the place Ghost Dog usually tossed heads. After the initial hazing due to his age he states why he got them to agree to things online first since he explained their current actions made it clear what would have happened if he had done it all in person. After going over the layout of the area, some of the matrix security details and physical security percusions. Shade wanted to know where would be a good point for setting up cameras for survellance. Quantum Freeze offers up the subjects since they’re living and out and about the community. Shade and Ghost Dog opt to find an old friend on the list, an Orc by the name Tommy Sheng a former Triad Officer now just street drug pedlar from a screw up on some of the runners previous job plus trying to kill them put him in the dog house before it was set on fire. Quantum Freeze takes notes. Wanting to find out where the disgruntled employee Quantum Freeze offers up who it is most likely. The option of grabbing her from her home comes up until the team finds out she’s on site for the project for the next month. Ghost Dog calls the other two team members and set up a meet for the whole team to discuss things.

As paranoid as anyone would be Quantum Freeze thinks it’s possible they might be able to see and hear what the guy is up to. With the experienced duo going into the project he was in they knocked him out, busted in and put him on his side as if sleeping when they noticed a drone, Being invisible it’d be odd to see someone floating out. Quantum Freeze ends up wiping blood from his nose before going back to eating G-Forces snacks. The team get their friendly backstabber and the Drone watching him has a glitch before he vanishes literally out of digital and human sight.


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