Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 4/Episode 2 iDrone for Freedom and Thru the Front Door

G-Force and Icem@n find themselves waiting as they get a message to open the back area of the van, something was dropped in although they didn’t see it before the door closed and Ghost Dog, Shade, and a body became visible. Icem@n shrugged at the pillow duct taped to the guy as Shade put a traq patch on the guy. Finding an access port under a piece of skin Icem@n did something to hack the guy’s system no one expected, he stuck his finger in the hole in the guy’s neck. As his eyes fluttered back.

Golden Thread Backdoor

When he came to Icem@n seemed to be suffering from vertigo. As the group asked what happened he told them to quiet down so he could catch his breath. Telling Ghost Dog to stop acting like an old lady with her panties in a bunch didn’t go over well since she chambered a round in her gun. As he got his bearing and went back to work he explained they were curious about what had happened to the guy they had since his bio readings were odd, plus they just lost a drone Icem@n explained pointing to the wreckage in the streets. A databomb went off and he barely got out he explained.

Explaining he was dropping all his marks to the system so they couldn’t track him and grabbing new ones off the guy since the team needed to get him back in quickly got blank looks so he dumbed it down. Things didn’t go as planned, he tried getting the paydata out and things escalated really quick. The files were in Deep archive but Dr Habel was on site.

Without the floor plans the party opts to just go in through the front door and see what happens. Finding Tommy Sheng again to get his creditials and have him not walking around Shade puts a spell on Ghost Dog to look like Tommy. The party gets to Dr. Habel and lets her know about the extraction and that it was going on right now. Slightly freaked out the group meets with her after the ploy of Tommy being sick. She puts a device on her computer so it’s easier to hack for IceM@n and Ghost Dog starts to get her out of the building. Ghost Dog is made and the race is on for the party to get out. Karlov lays down support fire while G-Force pulls up for the extraction. Dr. Habel is slide out under the closing barriers while IceM@n tries to hack the closing barrier. Ghost Dog runs back and grabs Shade up fireman carry style and books it back to the barrier and starts kicking it and threating to do nasty things to IceM@n if she ends up dying. With the barrier partially opening the two slide underneath grab the doctor and jump in the get away van.


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