Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 3/Episode 10: Mason Version 0

The runners speed through the Seattle Downtown roads with ease, leaving the mangled shadow storage bank behind them. The violent and quick escape to the neighboring office building combined with the deckers’ ability to delay and reroute Knight Errant response enable a successful heist.

While cruising along the fluorescently lit highways, heading south towards the Fort Lewis safehouse, the team reviews the haul and exchanges adrenaline-laced congratulations. Cheshire comments that Greco’s decker, Aragorn, was slick and cut through IC like a pro. She was very impressed. Mason holds on to the small pouch of diamonds, the Ares Predator V, and the bug-out backpack. Danny keeps the fake IDs and the canister of nerve gas; the former to provide to Stefano Greco and his deckers the latter for her own arsenal. In reviewing the fake IDs, there is not just one for Colonel White (under the false name of Gerard Lemieux) but also a fake ID for a middle aged attractive Latina woman (false name Maria Lemieux) and one for a dark haired boy around age six (false name Orlando Lemieux). The boy has a notable family resemblance to Col. White. Danny seems genuinely surprised and rather amused/delighted at this piece of information. Cheshire thinks the fake IDs were created about two years ago. She admits to Mason of assuming Col. Mason was part reptile and incapable of human emotions.

The team returns to the safehouse (around 2am) and decompresses from the run. Stefano’s face appears in the larger trideo and he congratulates the team on a successful run and listens to a rundown and debrief of how things went. He is pleased he found the right team with both the skills and mutual dedication to bringing down the Colonel. He pauses with a blank stare when told about the woman and boy, as if calculating and processing the new information, but then comments that there seems to be something Col. White cares for more than money and misery. He adds that it doesn’t change anything (although Mason is not sure he entire believes him). He says that the Pride Mercenaries are in the middle of their assault and it is going well from he knows. They should return within an hour or two.

Greco says a call has been made with the diamond fence, Hornier, and a meet setup for later today at 5pm at the Renton Galaxy Suites hotel, the room number will be sent at 5pm and he will only wait ten minutes. Greco says the fence is cautious and does not like working with large groups or people he doesn’t know. Greco wants Danny and Mason to meet with him for muscle and social aptitude. Greco says that since half of the job still remains (capturing Col. White) he would feel more comfortable if the diamond proceeds are placed on certified credsticks that require two passcodes to unlock – one from Greco and one from the PCs. Once White is captured, the money will be released to both sides (Greco is getting half the payout too). He mentions he has an incentive to access the funds since his part will also be used to compensate Kgosi and his men. The remaining 20k that was agreed upon will also be paid after the kidnapping. Mason tries to negotiate this but it is clear that Greco wants some level of guarantee of continued participation, although Mason thinks he’d be open to some alternate arrangement.

Danny steps out and confers with Greco after the call ends to communicate in private. Cheshire has a flurry of muted activity with her decker, but leaves frustrated a mere second or two before Danny returns. From outside smoking a cigarette, she zings a private communique to Ghost Dog and Shade, saying that she tried to hack Danny and Greco’s communications but got stymied by some high end smart agents protecting the connection. She says to keep this from Mason since the she-devil has her hooks in him.

A couple hours later, a helicopter passes overhead, lingers for a couple minutes a couple blocks away, and then departs. Kgosi and his men arrive back with a mixture of battle fatigue and excitement. They are speaking rapidly in French with each other and two are seriously wounded with a couple others lightly wounded. Of the original twelve men (including Kgosi), three did not make it back. Kgosi uses healing magic to treat the wounded men. Kgosi gives a report to Greco (which the team overhear). The mission was a success with casualties. The ghetto shadow bank was well defended, including the surrounding blocks. A strong attack was made, penetrating into the lower vault floor of the sunken derelict bank before they withdrew as planned. The mortar team was lost to a Fire Elemental summoned by one of the mage gangers. One of the heavy weapon fire base mercs took a stray hunting rifle round to the throat. A pair of gangers was captured before the assault went down to interrogate them about security, but also drop Col. White’s name as the target. They were left alive at the scene. The men seem used to losing friends and comrades and mourn them with only way they know how, with a big bonfire outside and drinking.

The tentative plan for the next stage of the run is laid out by Greco. His deckers are watching for White’s return to Seattle, by both legitimate and covert means. He anticipates the earliest he would arrive is 24 hrs because of the delay in information reaching him in Thailand and then travels. Until tomorrow morning, the teams have leave to catchup and rest. Tomorrow morning, the tentative plan is for the two teams to swap sites and stake them out for his eventual return. The PCs will watch the ghetto bank and Kgosi’s men the storage facility. The deckers should know when he arrives or is about to. At that point whichever team is present takes him and takes out any security he might have. As before, this is default plan, but Greco is more than willing to defer to the PCs’ expertise and modify the plan.

During the day off Ghost Dog called the private eye that she hired to gather info on the Yakuza and make sure she understands her life is in danger and that she needs to leave town ASAP. She promised to make contact with her as soon as it’s safe. She next called up Amy little cloud and told her she has a pro bono job Ghost Dog wanted her to do. She wanted her to kill that child molesting gang leader, Rocko, that was promised that she’d off to Caleb Redding. No collateral damage. It’s a personal favor for her.

Neither of the two shadow banks that the teams hit is the place that Mason knows about. A small shadow bank in Fort Lewis that use a middle class end relaxation spa as a cover wasn’t on the list. He discovered this while working with Col. White and kept it quiet. The place’s “clients” go into private massage rooms where secret cabinets, safety deposit boxes, or chests are concealed in the walls. It is run by a brother/sister pair of former UCAS green berets (physical adept and mage). From his own investigations into White when Mason got out of prison recon from about a year ago. Mason has done a little bit of surveillance of the place about a year ago. Assuming nothing has changed, he has a rough idea of the external layout. Also, he believes that the place is primarily run by the physical adept ex-soldier (Marty Crensit) with his sister (LaShonda Akigawa) providing sporadic security and doubling as an off/on shadowrunner. The place employs a handful of ex-soldiers as security. This was Mason’s intel from about a year ago. He was thinking of hitting the place when he got back to Seattle (the sting of Col. White still fresh) but decided to back away and go into shadowrunning instead.

Cheshire grumbles something about, “More datahunts, eh. I guess that’s why you keep me around. Besides I’m already doing this for Shade so come to me when you have something original and interesting.” She does get back to work on it though.

Back at the strip mall safehouse, the group finds time to talk in private and Mason relays some additional information.

He knows of a third stash that Col. White has setup. There is a small shadow bank in Fort Lewis (only a couple minutes from the staging strip mall they are at right now) that use a middle class end relaxation spa as a cover. Mason is vague about how he knows, only that he came upon it from his days with the Colonel. The place’s “clients” go into private massage rooms where secret cabinets, safety deposit boxes, or chests are concealed in the walls. It is run by a brother/sister pair of former UCAS green berets (physical adept and mage). Mason has done a little bit of surveillance of the place about a year ago. Assuming nothing has changed, he has a rough idea of the external layout. Also, he believes that the place is primarily run by the physical adept ex-soldier (Marty Crensit) with his sister (LaShonda Akigawa) providing sporadic security and doubling as an off/on shadowrunner. The place employs a handful of ex-soldiers as security. This was Mason’s intel from about a year ago.

The team after some discussion agrees to tell Greco about the intel even if it’s a year old since Mason believes it to be White’s primary objective. The issue with the preview plan now is that they have 3 locations and two teams. Mason doesn’t feel Kgosi’s team is equipped to handle Shadowrunners in general. Danny offers that Kgosi’s team does have access to a helicopter and the rest of the team stare at her. The plan changes with Greco and Kgosi being brought up to speed. Using two pairs of spotters on the recently hit locations most of Kgosi’s team is on standby in the chopper to assault and kidnap White if he shows up at either location leaving the team plus Danny free to monitor the third location.

The exchange for the diamonds was uneventful for violence for most except for Mason. After the exchange before they get to the elevator Danny pinned Mason against the wall and said they should probably get a room at the hotel her treat. Discussions of preparations for tomorrow fell on deaf ear. Mason asked the team to come up and get the cred sticks since he really wasn’t getting out of this literally. Danny was in truth abnormally strong for a lady he thought but Ghost Dog had broken him of that mindset some time ago.

Ghost Dog and Shade opt to get a room as well in the hotel since the last few days living in military conditions had been rough even for Ghost Dog. Danny and Mason seemed to have a lively night reminiscing about when they were together. She asked why they got divorced out of the blue as they lay together and Mason felt a loss for words just mentioning Cairo. Danny starts laugh popping up and lets Mason know they weren’t really working for Greco. They were working for Mason. Mason looked at Danny suspiciously reminding her he died, they picked up pieces left from his body in the safe house. Supposedly he had managed to digitally imprint himself in the matrix. Stranger things had happened and Mason had seen his fair share of them. He asked if Greco was actually still alive to which she stated she didn’t think so. Mason sighed a bit of relief and reminded her they had ruined that man’s life. When she said she knew he flopped onto the bed and sighed. Danny explained she had wanted to tell him from the start but Mason wasn’t really sure about his former teammate turned Shadow runner using his name as a handle in the shadows. Mason kept the hope up that the paranoia in the back of his mind was wrong and that this was just another mind gouging trick by White. The next morning after a rather active shower session Mason and Danny meet up with the rest of the team. Chestshire wondered where they had all been since after the pickup everyone went radio silent and never came back. Ghost Dog simply just showed her the cut she was getting. It wasn’t mentioned what Mason and Danny had been doing or that Shade and Ghost Dog had relaxed and recouped in a swanky hotel room overnight. The team headed out for the Shadow Bank Spa to see if they could get White in the act. Worst case scenario they’d site on the location for two days and it’d be a bust.

The outside exterior seemed peaceful enough on the initial pass by of the Foxhole Day Spa. Slipping out of his clothes revealed a chameleon steath suit underneath, Shade opted to put a spell on him as he slipped out reporting in as he moved through the area unnoticed. Mason opted to scout out the area while Ghost Dog patrolled. As a camera feed showed up on everyone’s hud Mason had opted to just text the group what he was doing remaining unseen for the most part and silent. Shade wanted to get a camera on the inside to which a soft bob to the vehicle got a button camera tossed in the driver’s side window by an unseen. A text popped up asking for a small amount of explosives for a manhole cover Mason had spotted in the back alley. Once she pulled something out and texted back she had it ready he immediately texted back 10 kilos was too much. She sighed grumbling about they wouldn’t be able to flip an armored transport with just a kilo she rigged the device. A hand picked up the device before going back to being unseen before Chestshire said something brushed past her and out the driver’s side window. With a few more cameras in place and a possible contingency plan with a rigged man hole cover. Mason dug into monitoring from a nearby rooftop. Mason opted to tell Shade to drop the spell on him since he was going to minimal movement for the next few hours unless something happened.

Shade went inside to try and plant a camera but found very little in the way of areas to plant the camera. Realizing he didn’t have a way to get the camera in a good spot he aborted and left. As the day shifted to evening and night the team from the multiple cameras and Mason’s rooftop reports had everyone aware when both of the guard shift changes occurred.

Everyone was caught off guard by the calm simple text to the group from Mason. ‘Have eyes on White entering East side of the building through front. Mission is a go. Moving to monitor the back entrance.’ Ghost Dog opted to run back to the van quickly getting her submachine gun slung and her sword out before she jumped on the roof. She let the group know someone had a floating orb in the sky over the building.

White punched open the backdoor muttering something and bolted down the way. Ghost Dog noticed a elemental manifest next to her as she bolted after White. Mason jumped from his hideaway on the roof to the Spa/Shadow Bank below. Danny jumped out of the vehicle and started making her way to White as Chestshire revved the van’s engine. Shade was already casting a spell. Ghost Dog spent her time defending between a water elemental covered in ice and White as he shot at her repeatedly. Mason started shooting with knockout darts from the roof once he was in position. As Ghost Dog continued to try and advance on White he saw Chestshire fishtail from the street and start flying down the alley with Danny on the side laying down fire as well. A well placed grenade as the front end of the van off the ground. Danny crumbled flying to the opposite side of the alley from the explosion that sent the van up in the air before it came crashing down. Ghost dog hugged a corner trying to get closer to White using suppressing fire. Mason had shimmied down from the roof out in the open to shoot at White drawing his fire since Ghost Dog had already taken a hit she called out. The water elemental she saw attack White explained why the water elemental had stopped attacking her. White’s element tried to take on White’s attack as a grenade bounced out from White’s hand landing at Mason’s feet. Ghost Dog probably didn’t realize what was happening as Mason yelled out grenade shoving her out of the way from the immediate blast before he took the initial blast shielding her. As the team came around after the second shock of the blast a series of broken texts went out to the team chat channel:
Got the sonavubitch

Call Kgosi for emergency evac
Trauma patch Danny…

Mason never finished the text he either passed out or flatlined. The team wasn’t sure.

Season 3/Episode 9: Downtown Diamonds - Highstakes High Value

Danny wanted to see if we wanted to sign on with a man by the name Stephano Grecko. Ghost Dog made note we needed to talk to a certain ganger named ‘Rocko’ and by talk we knew she meant kill. Mason thought the name sounded familiar but it was something he knew they had worked on possibly under White. Danny explained the safe house was in the Fort Louis and we’d have a bit of time. She gave the group some space since it was clear even though we weren’t talking aloud we were talking between ourselves. Chestshire finally came too after some medical attention and tried to sit up, Shade tried to make her stay down and rest.

Chestshire and Shade both wanted to know if Danny could be trusted. Mason telling them to an extent or as long as you were out of the signal range of explosives didn’t seem to give them the warm and fuzzy safe feeling around get. Chestshire did find out some background on Grecko specifically how he got ‘fired’ which is really unheard of from high level execs. It was leeked about how the rapid growth organs being grown for the ‘My Evolution’ Project to have highly capable spare organs for people had strands of Wendigo and Ghoul DNA mixed in for their healing properties. Between that and the people who died or had complications from the organs he was pushed out of the field, the lead scientist for the project commited suicide. It also stated in a later article that Grecko’s wife commited suicide from the stress.

*Note*Mason remembered doing a mission to sabotage this project during the conversation with the team and the brief from Chestshire. While White said it would cause minor complication in growing the organs and become a PR flop this obviously was not the case. Mason also remembered they killed the scientist and made it look like suicide. note

While Mason debates on telling this fun fact he asks Ghost Dog to pull Danny off if she starts to choke him. Before he could drop the possible coffin nail they pulled up at the safe house. An abandoned shop or possibly just a place up for lease had minor security added after the fact. In the back area behind the front shop are a few offices which didn’t mesh with the dozen or so men filled with African mercanaries. Mason slowed muttering possible outfits from colors and camo. Ghost Dog mentioning pieces of equipment that showed they were above gang level violence such as someone actually cleaning a crew version of a heavy machine gun and another working on mortars.

By the accent and the fact they were speaking french we could figure out where in africa they were from. Kgosi, the leader of the rest of the mercanaries introduced himself and got to know us a bit. He was curious if we were signing up and were aboard with the plan. Stephano Grecko popped onto a trideo feed and began his pitch to get us onboard.

White was out of the city of Seatle and the country. Grecko has started the mechanizations needed to find out a way to draw White back into the area so he could be abducted and then put him in the ground. Ghost Dog inquired into if the bringing back a live a primary objective to which Grecko mentioned it was as well as non negotiable.

There was two locations he wanted hitting and just taking White’s assets and no one elses to send a specific message. One was in the middle of the Aulburn slums close to Paleyope which the team orginally thought would be easier although Mason disagreed. Moving through an area for a long scale run and gun through gang territory was rough enough as is. Add in the entire street opening fire on you along the way and chances of getting out alive lessen greatly. The better bet in Mason’s opnion was the Downtown facility that was masquerading as a car storage facility since most of the security was under the blanket of Knights Errant security as an actual business versus a shadow bank. If they got in and out they would be able to report the stolen items since they were illegal gotten in the first place plus it would draw notice to other people’s possessions in the facility.

Mason haggled on the intial up front pay and ended up getting a 50% increase overall and 1/3 of the pay upfront. Mason busied himself with the details of the heist and getting materials and equipment ready. Short version is the team practiced what they’d need to do on containers they purchased for the heist one of which was modified to get stashed inside the facility.

Season 3/Episode 8: Mafia Hit Squads & Ex-Wives

The group woke up pretty rough, bright lights hurt our eyes as well as any sound around us was deafening. We stumbled into the safehouse eventually to find Chestshire literally sitting on the unconscious prisoner we pulled out of the bar yesterday. She started making comments of missing out on the party to which Ghostdog immediately started telling her to talk quietly as she kringed from the young orc’s booming voice. She seemed to not notice the request since she continued to yell. Supposedly there were some chilli soy dogs around the place, possibly on the top of the garbage… I always wonder why you need the worse possibly food to heal your body from a hang over…

The man we found out was Caleb Redding, a manager in the small business relations department of NCT enegry solutions of Mitsuhama. The short of his story was he was yanked off the street and taken by the gangers to try and find his daughter’s whereabouts. The ganger’s were under the orders of her ‘boyfriend’ who from what the father explained, abused her. The group for the most part was resigned to just take him back to his place of employment get the reward and let him sort out his own issues.

When he realized we were Shadorunners he tried to hire us no money down no money possible for a long time after the job was done which got a flat no from Ghost Dog. Ghost Dog changed her tune with the talk of corporate secrets. With all the cards on the table hew as a little stressed the minimum reward was being offered for over a week. Supposedly if he had been a janitory it would have been handled the same way. He felt no love from the company as Ghost Dog showed him on her new phone just how not special he really was. I was unsure if that meant she was trying to get him to flip on his corporation or if it was just her being blunt.

After requesting time off from work to find and help his daughter being denied he felt the fifteen years he had put into supporting the company didn’t mean that much and he was done. Pay data was discussed that would could have as payment for getting him and his daughter out of the area and down to the UCAS states to start a new life.

Mason started putting out feelers to sell the data dump. Shade voiced his concerns with doing this deal since he was still loyal to Mitsuhama. The group was resigned to toss him out on his ear when he mentioned an error in the coding that ended up having an entire area of town a 100 square block area shut down for several hours before they could get the power back online. From his knowledge the coding issue was never fixed.

The group squabled for a bit and it boiled down to the team just eating the costs. He’d get the data dump and we’d site on the intel and get him out of the area with his daughter. Shade wanted to get some background on his daughter, that was when we found out his daughter was 12 years old. And her boyfriend ganger was in his 20s. Ghost Dog added in for free if we found the guy she’d kill him. Shade mind probed the guy since he thought it was a little to far fetched. After a bit of crying and screaming though since being probed mentally doesn’t necesarrily feel good Shade was convinced after seeing the full extent of to what the father thought the daughter had been through from what she said.

We scheduled how to get his daughter. Ghost Dog demanded Chestshire find the boyfriend in the next 48 hours or less. Without a name or photo thought Mason reminded Ghost Dog that it would be pretty hard to do.

We got a trid call from Blu about how he had a blast though and gave us a bit of intel on Retired Col White. Supposedly a buddy of his hear about the man running counter insurgent operations in Thailand. We opted to talk to Blu’s contact to work something out for later.

Mason using a fake SiN escorted Caleb into his place of business to collect the reward. Caleb was docked pay for his time gone. Mason was asked to make a statement and about half way through the fictious story was shoved out of the office and paid.

Ken Hamada got back to Ghost Dog on digging up the details of the Riley Pirch Incedent. Shiawase and the Shilosidah Council are both in disputes over how things were handled. With both parties pointing the finger at the other. Yamamodo supposedly had some intel for Ghost Dog as well. Col. White has not been in the UCAS for an entire year. He’s been running black bag and counter insurgent operations in the Argentina, Thailand, Loas, Cambodia areas. These are areas UCAS had no precense in lately. About four months ago he’s also started dabbling in remote operations management for shadorun teams running missions in Seatle. Some of jobs were stealing SK advance robotics parts, shutting down a power control grid area downtown, and had recently hired a hitman to take out a fixer named Kalinor (which the team knew since she was the Ms. Johnson for the Riley Pirch Job). From what he found out the man is arrogant, but before the job he has a high level of security on mission intel until after the fact. The boards had us as dead until the video with Blu popped up and went viral.

We opted to mostly go our seperate ways and slunk back to our homes, Ghost Dog bumming Shade’s couch. They had Chestshire come along just in case things were going to happen. Mason found nothing out of the norm at his place besides a card from his parole officer. Shade found a rough drawing of a Raven with the message ‘Looking forward to talking’.

Mason wasn’t able to get much done on his date with Bianca he setup after his hangover subsided job wise besides getting Caleb’s resume in the system. He did have an enjoyable evening and night at Bianca’s place.

Caleb and his daughter are picked up and we find out what her ex boyfriend ‘Rocko’ looks like and where he hangs out. Caleb gives us a data chip with the information on it. Chestshire skimming the information lets us know it’s some good stuff but for the most part none of us had the knownledge to figure out exactly what we had in the data chip. Mason puts in a call to talk to a contact that knew about power girds from his work and multiple electricutions.

The team met up with Kent ‘Static Man’ who was happy to get a picture with Ghost Dog in a mock decapitation pose and we got some good intel on exactly what we had. We were discussing possible targets to hit using our intel when Mason got a call from Col White. Mason went to tourette mode again and started swearing and yelling to hit the floor.

A large troll, by the name of Mutt yelling out for us. The barkeep stated they needed to get out but Mutt leveled a shotgun dropping him to the ground. Ghost Dog opened fire on Mutt before diving out the window. What followed was Mutt and five mafia guys running around the Ammo Case to converge on the rest of the group and start shooting the place up with us in the corner as his main target. Shade was able to get out of the supressive fire and dive out the window. Mason followed along with Kent before Chestshire dove out and caught a hail of bullets on her way out. Ghost Dog ushered everyone down an alley. Mason opted to get out why he could. Mutt moved in on Chestshire his hand razors popping out and slammed her into the wall. We heard from Shade and he came around the corner she was down. With Chestshire down Ghost Dog went to the corner and squeezed off a small burst on the closest on being Mutt.

Ghost dog squeezed out another burst and took off running for the back door of the next closest building. Mutt took another swing at us, specifically Shade this time which he dove out of the way off. Mason made his move to the closest building and started on breaking through the door’s security. Realizing it’s a Maglock Mason pulled a Maglock Passkey and started swiping it over the sensor. With the door popped open Mason let everyone know. Shade cast a spell of some sort all the team heard was Shade yelling out to the attackers to drop their guns and get naked. We were hoping it was some kind of suggestion spell versus just him telling them to do it. Mason tried shooting but his shot went wide. Ghost Dog moving through the back of the shop moved to the front and swore since the front door also had a maglock. Moving to the window she opted to just shoot through the wire mesh at the closest guy. Shade moved by Mason swearing as he moved through the door. Mason ended up closing the door after Kent ran through but only after taking a load of bullets to his back. Low crawling away Mason mentally sent the command saying we had company from the back door as it slammed shut.

Mutt came around the corner and caught a barrage of bullets from Ghost Dog. Shade summoned an elemental which was told to kill all our attackers. Mutt leveled his combat shotgun to try and keep Ghost Dog down as the rest of the gangsters tried to converge on us. Mason lowcrawled away from the backdoor as it busted open and giggled Shade’s leg to let him know they had more coming from the backside. He started kicking his leg at Mason until mention of men with machine guns were inside the building now. As Shade pointed and refocused in front of him a elemental made of rock and brick lumbered past Mason as he rolled out of the way. He heard the screams coming from the back and the gangsters, from the sounds of it the elemental was getting shot up and had just picked up someone by the head. Ghost Dog yelled out Mutt was done. From what Mason could tell one of the guys was getting away as he hobbled out he watched the guy jerk sideways and crumple to the ground. He was about to say Sniper and swore instead. The rest of the group and Kent asked what was going on and Mason just simply stated his Ex-wife.

Bodies were decapitated and gear was hauled up into shopping bags from the store. As Danny pointed at a van pulling up the team piled in with Kent opting to make his way back to the Orc Underground were it was safe and less crazy. Chestshire was dragged to get some treatment in the back of a van. Danielle let the group know she was down with rubbing out White and found a backer to payroll the operation.

Ghost Dog asked for a pitstop and dumped off the heads at the same bar the viral video was filmed in. A video was uploaded a warning was written in blood on the wall to any other mafia hit teams coming for us.

Karma 5
After pawning gear 7.8K nuyen was recouped one Ingram Smartgun X was kept

Season 3/Episode 7: Out of the Fire and knee deep in the Drek

Group gets to the Transit Hub and Halloweeners are wondering what’s going on with the flag. Mason and Shade explain the club got hit and we got told to take the flag somewhere.

Chestshire takes the Elf someplace to sit on him during the operation.

Shade scouts out and finds a ghoul come back to his body (Astrally projected) to summon a water elemental (Poop Lady aka PL) to help us move faster through the tunnels (this involves flinging poop on us).

Mason and Ghost Dog agree to go down afterwards to scout and run over watch. Mason is attacked on the way down the ladder and is pulled to the ground below. Ghost Dog tries to get a shot off after coming back up top while Blu moves past and unloads on the Ghoul with his Combat Shotgun. The part moves out and find themselves turned about while running away from maybe 6 to 12 ghouls.

After some patching up from Shade Mason feels better and between the four of them sans wireless signals they navigate to the distributor hub for run off which Mason explains means they’re close. Shade tells everyone to hold up since there where a bunch of ghouls ahead not moving. Mason pulls out his cheap cologne to mess with the ghouls sense of smell and to send them into a frenzy. Shade asks for the jug and has his elemental PL take it and start a trail going off in a direction before coming back.

As we wait Shade looks surprised and explains the elemental is being chased by a lot of Ghouls close to forty possibly. He releases her from services rendered why she gets away.
We dispatch the last three ghouls left behind and move on to the Ork Underground.

Shade feels the elemental ‘die’.

The group gets to the large reinforced door to the Ork Underground with the slight sound of ghouls behind them.

Mason hardwired into the door and gets a signal and tells Kent to get over to where he was to vouch for him since he wasn’t there yet. Mason promises that if he turns into a ghoul he will purposely hunt down Kent and eat him. Pulling on the rope since Kent wasn’t going to make it in time Mason gets the Orks to open up with promise of a bribe. The orks try and strong arm for more money. Mason fast talks the way out of paying more. Name drops Ghost Dog since people of seen the video of the head rolling incident.

Group pays up the 500 nuyen bribe splint between the group. Kent shows up and Mason tells him to get off his scooter and that they need to talk. When he’s off Mason looks at his watch and tells Blue to hightail it to the bar. The rest take the fifteen minutes to walk there.

The group finds the stream has been broadcasting at the bar. Blu is already having a Flaming Monkey Shot when the rest of the group gets there.

Karma 6
Payout 18K split 5 ways -500 (3.5K nuyen)

Season 3/Episode 6: Out of the Blu

With a bit of cash and a beat up truck we stay low for a bit more only to get a call from out of the blue by none other than Blu. Not really a milk run but we need funding in a hurry. Simple job low pay but if you’re looking for all the nuyen you can you don’t complain.

Grab a flag, take it down a tunnel, bring it to a bar. Needs to be recorded as well. The flag is the banner at a Halloweener bar one of the big three ganger groups of Seatle. The tunnel is an area through ghoul infested territory with the end point being a bar in the orc underground. Still don’t know what the dead monkey Blu had was for.

Mason slips in and checks out the survellience area in the back after traw darting a ganger who noticed him. Noticed a hostage in the basement. Notifies team about it and that they’re going to have to extract him as well in case the team ends up burning down the cathedral. Shade although not happy agrees and sends down an elemental to kill the guard free the hostage and bring him outback the new location of our truck.

Meanwhile Blu sets himself up to take the flag after a distraction. The elemental assisting turns out to be a large snake made of concrete and brick. Two gangers walking into the back freak and open up fire. Ghost Dog takes both out with a tight burst of fire. With the hostage in the back of the truck the elemental moves to the front of the club causing general panic and a specific level of mayhem.

Blu with the distraction puts the monkey back in it’s bag and onto his belt, no flaming monkey shot performed. Jumps on the bar dives on the flag, which is on fire by the way. Falls with it to the ground. Mason bails out the back snagging a browning heavy pistol and into the truck to pick up Blu who’s running down the street away from the club with the flag. Hostage is given a traq patch while Chestshire drives him away after picking up Blu. He did get kudos from another escaping ganger for grabbing the flag on the way out. The chaos is far behind us as the truck and the unknown elven hostage in tattered business clothes move away. We’re catching our breath in front of a strom drain leading down into ghoul territory. Mason checks his gun and reloads and makes sure his gallon of cologne is ready for the ghouls feral senses. The team figures the easy parts are all over now.

Season 3/Episode 5: Waterlogged and Without Pay

Swam to a small island
Mason got attacked by a mermaid (they’re not as nice as you think)
Ghost Dog killed it at 200 yards while floating in the water
Mason drags the dead mermaid along (rest of the crew is a little freaked out)
On the island the team watch as Shiwanese skimmer survey the crash sight while they
Mason checks equipment not in cases to see if it’s water logged.
Everyone calls up contacts trying to bum a ride from a desserted island to Seatle Proper
Mason explained in the wait about his past, about how doing his job got him in jail and how his former handler Colonel T White retired now got a nice sign on bonus with a company when he went private sector.
Ghost Dog was the first to ask what we do
Mason states get off the island
Get some money together
Track down White
Get compensation for the job they were on
Torture him and kill him
Apart from the torture for once Ghost Dog and Mason agree on something
Everyone works on various parts while they are laying low
Ghost Dog feels they should talk to their Ms. Johnson
Mason in his paronia highly advised against it since they should be dead and they didn’t know the Johnson that well
Chestshire finds out the Ms Johnson took a bullet to the head outside of a high class club
The pilot for the Hermes has gone radio silence
Ghost Dog gets a side job
Mason opts to say they don’t plan and just rage
Tactics turn into a kidnapping/snatch and grab
Chestshire is out a fake SiN but the team now has a truck beater in the meantime

Season 3/Episode 4: Mission complete with a bang and losing altitude... #(%&@!


Inspected Communications Array
Ghost Dog and Shade distracted Corp employees
Mason dropped off jammer
Mason back in Conference room was going to Program Manager’s office with her
Ghost Dog puts PM in a choke hold
Everything goes sideways
Gun down guards and immediate security
Disguised as PM and guards + audit team we make our way outside
Ghost Dog as PM tell scientists shadowrunners are invading
Orders a pack up of the Hermes for extraction
They buy it
With comms down and a full system reset due to Chestshire we book it to the Guard Tower
Mason tries the badge from the PM with a no go and goes old school and picks the lock
Fake PM (Ghost Dog) orders the missle silo battery operators to be on the lookout for Shadowrunners
Mason asks one of the guards to patch up the injured guard (Chestshire)
Shade mind controls one of the guards to shot the entire missle silo battery inventory into the approaching detachment of security guards on the ground (25?)
Mason knocks out one of the guards with a tranq patch from the first aid kit
Security Drone does a fly by and Ghost Dog opens fire with a shoulder mounted LAW rocket

VTOl pick up of the Hermes (Mason tethers the cargo lines)
Everyone bugs out

Mason gets a call from his old handler from an unknown line

Gets told it’s nothing personal just business before the transport VTOL Chopper explodes.

Team hears Mason swear before the explosion over the sound of the blades.

Mason disables the chopper’s cargo door and tells everyone to hold their breath before opening it and everyone gets sucked out

At the surface Mason only counts 4 and dives, pilot is probably dead since the front of the transport looks like a metal flower blossoming from the explosion.

Mason surfaces and roars his old handler’s name.

Season 3/Episode 3: Akward Audits and Convoluted Cons

Shade meet a street mage and got to work on his magical reagent tainting project
Met with primary EPA Auditor and couldn’t steal his creditials
Mason did get the guy’s manners down
Without the creditials Mason talks to one of his contacts to get fakes
Get on island for a surprise inspection
Shade takes samples of magical reagents and swops out for his tainted ones
Talk to project manager about inspecting Communications array

Season 3/Episode 2: Tactical Assets... And Acorns

The team gets an offer out of town while the heat is blowing over. An female elf Johnson has an off the coast job out on a remote island. All they have to do is grab a 300 pound peice of tactical communications equipment and get it off of a remote island. They’d have to do something about the missle battery if they want to get off in one piece. Getting on should be easy enough. While there they debate on if they should grab a few magical components until the team finds out this might be river stones or acorns and the quality could be shaky on whatever they get.

Chestshire worked on getting intel on the layout of the place and the easiest way to disable the surface to air/sea missle battery, Mason worked a device to jam the satelite so they can’t call for backup off island. The three elves of the group find themselves talking with a native american crimelord for information and a notification of being in their area of operation.

So far the plan seemed simple enough.

Get on the Island
Place Jammer on Communications array
Disable Missle Battery
Infiltrate Facility
Locate area where the larger draws of power are coming from
Acquire Comm euipment
Call Riggers for extraction
Jam Comm Array if need be
Pop Smoke and hold out at extraction point
Hope this doesn’t go pear shaped
Figure out what to do when it does go pear shaped.


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