Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 3/Episode 1: Back Alley Blitz
Move to 5th Ed

Ghost Dog gets word from her bartender contact about people nosing around asking about her and her whereabouts. Seems the Italian Mafia has put out a hit on us at 5k each plus Mott, she lets the rest of the group know. Cheshire has been off the grid for a bit and turns out she’s already been laying low in the Ork Underground after her surgery for her new hand. With no deck after the incident she’s still scrapping together parts and makes a note to resurface every few days to let us know she’s not dead or kidnapped again. Blu in a drunken hangover explains he’s not going anywhere and advices he’ll just shot anyone that comes into his place repeatedly in the face.

Shade, Ghost Dog, and Mason meet up afterwards at a bar outside their usual routes to dicuss strategy. Thoughts if Tommy Chan selling the group out to the Mafia they hit up before and now the Bacelli Family surface in the discussion. They put a pin in it for now wondering how to deal with the immediate threat of every bounty hunter coming for them. They duck out the back way just in case to find a handful of gangers on the prowl for supposedly them which had sounded like easy money. Mason tried the mistaken identity card but Ghost Dog rushed the leader slashing him pretty well with her sword but took a slug to the torso in the process.

Shade popped out of sight with invisibility and Mason dove behind a barrel and started taking pot shots at the lone gunner in a corner alley out of the the parking area.

Things were looking dicey but Ghost Dog cut down the two Gang members in front of her while dodging a guy shooting from the other side of the parking lot at her. Mason popped the lone ganger and Shade and managed to get the other two guys to start shooting at each other through magic mind manipulation

After probing his mind Shade found out a guy named Skippy had informed the gangers about the three at the bar. Ghost Dog still injured wrote out a note for the Crime Boss from the mafia family. It simply stated he was a dead man walking and she was coming for him. Putting the note in the severed head of the gang leader and shoving the remaining ganger into the bar tossing the head in behind him. Ghost Dog made it clear this was a message to anyone that came looking for her and meant ill will. She’d hunt them down and execute them. We were out before people could ask questions. Mason asked if Ghost Dog wanted to get her wound looked at and she simply explained later, now was the time to express a strong opposing force not a weak injured one. She did want to get it looked at once we got out of the area though.

Season 2: Bottomline Unlimited.
Season 2 Group 2

With Echo (Zulu) and SysBot go into hiding with Echo’s friends or fellow test subjects and Incubu sending a simple text that he was retiring Ghost Dog and Mason find themselves in an odd position for a team with a 60% loss in personnel. Mason poses the question to Ghost Dog about going into business for themselves looking for a few good and slightly crazy go getters looking for career advancement in corporate security… or finding the loopholes in them. Bottom Line Unlimited was created. Initially they’ve come accross an elven former wage mage and a down and out dwarf mercenary both looking for some extra scratch to make ends meet.
Double dipping on a job from a voicemail
Mason’s Night Out
Now Leaving Diamond Drake Towers, next stop crashlanding
Hostile Headhunting, Plan M
Fire Sale, Night at the Market
Plan B is always better then Plan A

Season 1: Echoes of the Past
Season 1: Group 1

If I ask you how much you can learn and live in a year you’ll probably say it to be an odd question even before your brain starts to actually think about it. I saw the answer from a young elf girl, a little wet behind the ears in respects to the world around her at times but I learned over the last few monthes how one young girl can move from naive of the world to finding herself and a purpose in life and a devotion to a few one sees only in a close family.

Invisible Chem Shipment
Artifact Theft Repo
Spying on Desctruction Derby Drones
Sex Tape
Finding India
Final Five


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