Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 4/Episode 7: Price on your head and Farm Mayhem

Shade with a cane meets up with the group for a celebration party thrown by Tommy. Lynx asked for compensation for his car that was melted by Shade’s fireball. It ends up turning into Shade dismissing such things and finding his car later vandalized.

Ghost Dog’s student and Lynx younger brother ‘hook up’.

Later Ghost Dog gets a call to kill a private eye, with 100k job offer he wonders if he can turn it down since it’s the private eye he hired to get info on the Yakuza Boss that has the hit on her.

Ghost Dog talks to the team about it. The team has mixed feeling about possibly killing the person since their innocent or trying to find a body to use to fake the girl’s death to get the money. Shade is the only one willing to really go along with the plan to split the 100k. Lynx and John have mixed feelings on the group doing anything this covert, sneaky, or medically tampering with a ‘head’ to look like someone elses. IceM@n thinks it’s just a lot of money to offer for the head of some low level PI. Plus he’s heard the Yakuza lately have been getting involved with Insect Spirits and IceM@n does want anything to crawl into his ear and eat his brain or go up his butt, he’s unsure how they take over people from various movies he’s seen. He doesn’t like either option.

Ghost Dog and Shade end up doing a bit of stealthy investigation by which Ghost Dog just kicks open doors and looks around for clues. She finds the PI’s gear and pulls all the photos off the wall at her office. She goes to the girl’s apartment and gets ambushed. Shade waits down stairs until gunshot was heard and he does emergency trauma first aid so Ghost Dog doesn’t plead out. Once conscious she puts out an all calls to the team.

The team find Shade feeling better and not needing his cane as much and Ghost Dog bandages, pacing, and ploting on doing things to a ‘beard faced midget’ and ‘bastard who shot me’. Ghost Dog lets the rest of the team know since we were to wishy washy on the job she opted to do it herself for the money and to not get herself dimed out by the PI she hired to investigate the Yakuza that wanted her dead. There was another team hired for the job who ambushed her, she also reveals her mentoree and Lynx’s brother Phsyco are on their way into NAN territories. IceM@n raises his hand and asked if Amy and Lynx’s brother is on the other team. Ghost moves in to slap him and thinks about it and swears. The team opts to figure out what to do for a road trip. Ghost Dog gets a voicemail to come to Moscow. For some odd reason IceM@n pulls out a Kosack hat.

Season 4/Episode 6: Armored Car Robbery P3
The aftermath

Two security cars: One slagged, one parked but on fire.

Four Security guards from the cars: Two crispy, one dead from frag grenade, one gun down at point blank range after his gun jammed.

Primary target Armored Cargo Van: Flipped, no front windshield, back doors melted open.
Rigger dead from Machine Gun fire to the upper torso.
Security Mage (Team Leader): MIA last seen fleeing an earth elemental.
Drone: Disabled due to sniper rifle fire and being dragged out of the sky by an earth elemental.

Drone: Eventually taken out by a combination of gun fire from various sources.

Ghost Dog almost dead slightly annoyed by fireball to the face.
Lynx: Down two back tires and 1/2 his sweet paint job.
Shade: Attacked by an Earth elemental from the security team possibly, down two functioning legs and almost dead, after a trauma patch and pulling out Shade’s med kit the teenager hacker dragged Shade to his vechile before the mage calmly told his car a location to auto pilot to and made a call to DocWagon before checking into the waypoint for his DocWagon pickup for surgery.

Loot: 1/2 the containers.

Many lessons learned.

Civilian collateral damage: 4 dead; 15-20 injured

Season 4/Episode 5: Armored Car Robbery P2
And then there was Fire and Pain sprinkled with Death

Getting status of the convoy worked fine, they ended up at the ambush point and the truck being flipped by a well timed hidden anti tank mine worked well. The ensuing combat left two injured from the party and Icem@n almost getting decapitated but like any group of partially psychotic professionals they pressed on for the credz.

Season 4/Episode 4: Armored Car Robbery P1
And then there were eight...


Season 4/Episode 3 Sometimes a good plan just goes to Drek...

The drop off of the data is done and the party gets 50k. IceM@n did want to get the pirate station the data but with the realization the data they got was too high level got the new guy shrugging. Ghost Dog opted to help out for an interview from Tommy Sheng if it could help the case. The good doctor though having a drop off location turned out to be more than the group expected. It was bad, the Doctor was kidnapped after a fireball took out the buyer’s bodyguards. Two of the party were injured with Shade almost dying. The group ends up banging on a Street Doc’s door that Mason knew and bargaining for medical help for Shade and the dwarf prisoner the group took.

We later found out the buyer was supposedly dead, a shock to Shade since it was someone he knew personally. His right hand man blaming it on Shadowrunners and the man’s dealings with them. Shade set up to meet with someone else from Mitsuhama to find out what was going on. A text from IceM@n about checking for bugs has G-Force finding two, one in her purse for location and another for audio. Shade has a double conversation explaining he had gotten involved with a local gangster and things were bad, he was surprised what had happened with his contact but he wondered if it was true. In actuallity he wants to get down to why someone was casting ritual magic and why some eagle shaman spear weilding native american girl had almost killed him, plus what really happened to his contact.

IceM@n after Shade’s friend leaves thinks it was the right hand man and probably way over their heads on some Corporate High Level Shenanigans.

Season 4/Episode 2 iDrone for Freedom and Thru the Front Door

G-Force and Icem@n find themselves waiting as they get a message to open the back area of the van, something was dropped in although they didn’t see it before the door closed and Ghost Dog, Shade, and a body became visible. Icem@n shrugged at the pillow duct taped to the guy as Shade put a traq patch on the guy. Finding an access port under a piece of skin Icem@n did something to hack the guy’s system no one expected, he stuck his finger in the hole in the guy’s neck. As his eyes fluttered back.

Golden Thread Backdoor

When he came to Icem@n seemed to be suffering from vertigo. As the group asked what happened he told them to quiet down so he could catch his breath. Telling Ghost Dog to stop acting like an old lady with her panties in a bunch didn’t go over well since she chambered a round in her gun. As he got his bearing and went back to work he explained they were curious about what had happened to the guy they had since his bio readings were odd, plus they just lost a drone Icem@n explained pointing to the wreckage in the streets. A databomb went off and he barely got out he explained.

Explaining he was dropping all his marks to the system so they couldn’t track him and grabbing new ones off the guy since the team needed to get him back in quickly got blank looks so he dumbed it down. Things didn’t go as planned, he tried getting the paydata out and things escalated really quick. The files were in Deep archive but Dr Habel was on site.

Without the floor plans the party opts to just go in through the front door and see what happens. Finding Tommy Sheng again to get his creditials and have him not walking around Shade puts a spell on Ghost Dog to look like Tommy. The party gets to Dr. Habel and lets her know about the extraction and that it was going on right now. Slightly freaked out the group meets with her after the ploy of Tommy being sick. She puts a device on her computer so it’s easier to hack for IceM@n and Ghost Dog starts to get her out of the building. Ghost Dog is made and the race is on for the party to get out. Karlov lays down support fire while G-Force pulls up for the extraction. Dr. Habel is slide out under the closing barriers while IceM@n tries to hack the closing barrier. Ghost Dog runs back and grabs Shade up fireman carry style and books it back to the barrier and starts kicking it and threating to do nasty things to IceM@n if she ends up dying. With the barrier partially opening the two slide underneath grab the doctor and jump in the get away van.

Season 4/Episode 1 Brain Hacking

With Shade and Ghost Dog resolving the fallout from their last job they meet with someone to take care of Coraline’s body and get a possible job offer. In the down time between the meet up for a new team Ghost Dog and Shade opt to find better lifestyles to ease into with the payout from their last few jobs. With a Troll Cybered up Enforcer looking to break into Shadowrunning from his Mafia job; Karlof, a herb smoking former corp rigger, and a teenage hacker, Quantum Freeze on their team Ghost Dog and Shade hope for good things from their newly formed crew on their third turn over.

Quantum Freeze’s Interview
Karlof Interview
G-Force Interview

The Job

With the details of the job figured out Quantum Freeze finds himself going down to Headhunter Bar and is easily spotted as a tourist or groupy from his reaction to the scenery and looking at the place Ghost Dog usually tossed heads. After the initial hazing due to his age he states why he got them to agree to things online first since he explained their current actions made it clear what would have happened if he had done it all in person. After going over the layout of the area, some of the matrix security details and physical security percusions. Shade wanted to know where would be a good point for setting up cameras for survellance. Quantum Freeze offers up the subjects since they’re living and out and about the community. Shade and Ghost Dog opt to find an old friend on the list, an Orc by the name Tommy Sheng a former Triad Officer now just street drug pedlar from a screw up on some of the runners previous job plus trying to kill them put him in the dog house before it was set on fire. Quantum Freeze takes notes. Wanting to find out where the disgruntled employee Quantum Freeze offers up who it is most likely. The option of grabbing her from her home comes up until the team finds out she’s on site for the project for the next month. Ghost Dog calls the other two team members and set up a meet for the whole team to discuss things.

As paranoid as anyone would be Quantum Freeze thinks it’s possible they might be able to see and hear what the guy is up to. With the experienced duo going into the project he was in they knocked him out, busted in and put him on his side as if sleeping when they noticed a drone, Being invisible it’d be odd to see someone floating out. Quantum Freeze ends up wiping blood from his nose before going back to eating G-Forces snacks. The team get their friendly backstabber and the Drone watching him has a glitch before he vanishes literally out of digital and human sight.

Season 3/Episode 13 When the Thor Doesn't Drop

Mason as usual tries to play the role of a non combatant. Danny is torn between kiling her Ex and facing off with an Earth elemental or getting the hell out of the way of the force of nature. The Lion Shaman put up a barrier to imprison the elemental. Ghost Dog tries to drag another victim to the window of death. Shade moves in to a safe position to astrally look into what the Shaman was doing.

Ghost Dog ends up killing the Shaman and three more subordinates, The elemental kills Danny, a robot with cyber sword arms, and a heavy gun. Shade takes out a another of the troops coming up the elevator shaft, Mason seeing the countdown started makes the executive decision on the Hermess connection and frags the equipment with several grenades to save lives versus line his pockets for a change.

With two members dead and White on the run again the team finds Mason at a crossroads and retires tired of the blood on his hands no matter how direct or indirect. Ghost Dog and Shade find themselves shopping for fresh young recruits to fill out a full team.

Season 3/Episode 12 Betrayal in the Name of Good

The team preps for stopping the digital Mason from blowing up downtown. Real Life Mason aka Havier gets the team an invite after supposedly doing a run. What starts off as a party turns pear shaped when a fireball rips through the area when the team surprises Digital Mason’s cohorts with the fact they are not okay with killing several hundreds of thousands of innocent people. It moves to combat ensueing, the hired technomancer going into the matrix to rain in digital Maso, Ghost Dog severing outside connects to communication lines and auxiary power, Kogsi reeling from a specialized grenade that shocks the crap out of him while Mason tries to escape Danny’s increasing rage, a guard down pulverized by an earth elemental, a summoned beast spirit through out a window by Ghost Dog from the 130th floor to the mercenaries surprise, Chestshire down from several heavy pistol wounds from Danny, and Danny calling the Real Life Mason/Havier out. Oddly enough he still wants to hide from his pycho ex wife who’s now violently mad at him.


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