Karlof Interview

The sound of a Harley pulling up and an eight foot 400 plus pound Troll walking in wearing a faux leather duster jacket and plopping down in front of Shade and Ghost Dog had the two bumping fists thinking they hit pay data in the seven digits.

He had worked for Russian Mafia and started listing on his skill set, even though Ghost Dog wasn’t very tech savvy she could even tell he was probably reading off a digital AR feed to get his facts and points straight. The two dismissed it since in a way it showed how serious he was. He had runs in and successful attacks on Italian Mafia, Yakuza, Triads, Lonestar, Knight Errant and various other gangs as he described it. He had skills in automatic weapons and heavy weapons for support as well as being cybernetically enhanced.

Shade inquired into his hand to hand combative skills and the Troll excited explained how he had bone lacing pointing to a wall asking if he could demonstrate. When Ghost Dog waved him away. Looking toward the bar his eyes lit up pointing at a guy and walking over. Ghost Dog quickly following figuring out what woud happen. The innocent bystander wanted out of the fight but from what Karlof explained he either would fight or die as he losened up his shoulders before moving in towards the man. Ghost Dog explained he couldn’t let him hurt an innocent. Shade explaining he did want to see.

Finding out Ghost Dog is ‘Commander’ he was told he got the job. Shade and Ghost Dog share another drink or two going over the facts, having a large troll skilled in shooting automatic machine guns in both hands or a heavy belt feed machine gun would definitely come in handy if things got out of hand. They waited two hours for the next interview to take place.

Karlof Interview

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