Quantum Freeze's Interview

Meeting in the digital opium den cafe Shade and Ghost Dog meet Coraline they talk to Ice M@n seeing a miner made of ice grimacing looking at the default clunky avatar of Ghost Dog before she opted to change to a more detailed avatar of a Valkerie. After taking a picture of the Avatar Ice M@n gets down to business of getting the body back as one of her people. Ghost Dog explained her condolenses. Shade asked where the body would be deliveried Ice M@n gave the address of a motoary service that would pick up and cremate the body no questions asked. He had selected the person possessions not be burned and anything that could be donated, blood or organs be donated.

A bit nervous breaching the subject Ice M@n knew the two people in front of him here violent, he had seen the videos at the bar and the run through the sewers after causing havoc and wanton destruction at a Halloweener Bar. He did explain there was a possible job in the works they might be able to get in on and Ghost Dog wanted to know who the Ice M@n really was and what he brought tot he table. He admitted he didn’t have crazy skills like cutting the heads off people, but he did dable in hacking. He didn’t want to toot his own horn but there was positions open. Ice M@n was a bit neverous about the fact both Caroline and the Decker died on the last run but supposedly that was part of the job. Ice M@n explain since they had an opening and he had a job maybe they could work together. Ghost Dog bluntly asks exactly how good he was.

Ice M@n doing his homework had researched the group a bit. Naming off they were working under Bottom Line Unlimited got a roll of the eyes from the duo. Telling them the Shadow Bank, the account, the balance, the fact there’s chatter they recently hit up two shadow banks, plus there is a negative reputation built up now among shadow banks for what happened had Shade and Ghost Dog quickly looking at each other and throwing up hands. Ghost Dog asked him if he had been following them. Ice M@n lied and said he just did the search now. Shade and Ghost Dog shared another silent private moment.

The meeting ended with a number given for the body to be picked up from and a meeting later in meat space for the job’s details.

Quantum Freeze's Interview

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