The Job

The Rundown

Helena Medical Group a subsidary of the EVO Corporation is operating a secret biotech research facility using a Tacoma neighborhood area clinic as a cover. Farming out members of the local populace as unknowingly and unwilling test subjects for prototype cybernetics.

Ice M@n found an avi by the handle Blue Orchid that was involved with the project and is sick of working for the company and would like to be working for someone else. Unfortunately he didn’t have the social skills to broker the deal and scared her off.

Eight bits of info

Disgrunted Researcher (1)
Dr. Ute Hobel a researcher at the clinic supposedly likes Blue Orchids was stated in a recent interview. She is the lead principle researcher specializinng in Neurological Augmentation and Neuromuscular Diseases. Is a Corp cititizen of EVO Corporation.

Physical Security (2)
The building has security barriers to lock down for security by section on each floor in case of an emergency, one is linked to the front entrance of the building.
There are 40 guards on site security detail run in two 12 hour shifts all issued armored jackets, submachine guns, flashlight, and pistol.

A tactical response team is on site garrisoned in the basement specifically to guard the facility and key personnel, they act as an armed bodyguard detain if high ranking members need to leave the site. Spend their down time training in VR down in the basement. Team includes a Physical Adept weapon specialist, A Combat Mage, a Combat Decker, and have Heavy Weapon Support (person?) (Uniform includes full body armor with a chem seal)

Research (2)
100 nuyen for a full body scan, compatible candidates are sedated against their will,
minor cyberware is installed through their sinus cavity, the project involves releasing them an monitoring their behavior, have the list of twelve current subjects names & addresses.

Project is using modified wifi simrigs that are suppressing independent thinking and making testing the strength of suggestions through neurological impulses. The intended target baseline would be psuedo human drones following a predetermined MO & behavior with zero to no deviation through human thinking.

Layout (1)
Facility is housed in an 8 story building has a sky walk to a low income housing apartment complex behind it as well as another sky walk to a public monorail junction station to the side in the front. 1st floor lobby and emergency treatment. 2nd to 6th floor general practice, various administration offices, 7th and 8th advanced imagery and surgery.

Matrix Security
Rating 7 Host; 3 tier public/hospital interhost/restricted interhost. Wifi blocking paint through out the facility. Rating 6 Wifi blocking (Noise)

General Neighborhood
Tocoma – Malpalkin neighborhood also is home to the local docking industry owned by Aries Macrotechnolgies and shipping and the manufacturing plant for Konig turbine solutions. Mixed raced naighborhood, not trusting of Magic since a magically started fire (Elemental) killed ten children and a teacher ten years ago.

There was the option of finding information on EVO’s experiment and supplying evidence to the news stations with Quantum Freeze’s contact Vissi Lietzina paying 10k/each for each atroscity with an additional 5K/each if it’s truely damaging or horrific. While the team wanted to shop around QZ points out the prices they had gotten so far were lower. Realization of a bulk payout for everything versus what QZ was bringing to the table i.e. if they found two juicy scandals with supporting evidence they might be able to get paid 10kx2 per person. For the most part QZ just wanted to people to know about what the mega corp was doing.

The Job

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