Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 3/Episode 4: Mission complete with a bang and losing altitude... #(%&@!


Inspected Communications Array
Ghost Dog and Shade distracted Corp employees
Mason dropped off jammer
Mason back in Conference room was going to Program Manager’s office with her
Ghost Dog puts PM in a choke hold
Everything goes sideways
Gun down guards and immediate security
Disguised as PM and guards + audit team we make our way outside
Ghost Dog as PM tell scientists shadowrunners are invading
Orders a pack up of the Hermes for extraction
They buy it
With comms down and a full system reset due to Chestshire we book it to the Guard Tower
Mason tries the badge from the PM with a no go and goes old school and picks the lock
Fake PM (Ghost Dog) orders the missle silo battery operators to be on the lookout for Shadowrunners
Mason asks one of the guards to patch up the injured guard (Chestshire)
Shade mind controls one of the guards to shot the entire missle silo battery inventory into the approaching detachment of security guards on the ground (25?)
Mason knocks out one of the guards with a tranq patch from the first aid kit
Security Drone does a fly by and Ghost Dog opens fire with a shoulder mounted LAW rocket

VTOl pick up of the Hermes (Mason tethers the cargo lines)
Everyone bugs out

Mason gets a call from his old handler from an unknown line

Gets told it’s nothing personal just business before the transport VTOL Chopper explodes.

Team hears Mason swear before the explosion over the sound of the blades.

Mason disables the chopper’s cargo door and tells everyone to hold their breath before opening it and everyone gets sucked out

At the surface Mason only counts 4 and dives, pilot is probably dead since the front of the transport looks like a metal flower blossoming from the explosion.

Mason surfaces and roars his old handler’s name.


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