Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 4/Episode 3 Sometimes a good plan just goes to Drek...

The drop off of the data is done and the party gets 50k. IceM@n did want to get the pirate station the data but with the realization the data they got was too high level got the new guy shrugging. Ghost Dog opted to help out for an interview from Tommy Sheng if it could help the case. The good doctor though having a drop off location turned out to be more than the group expected. It was bad, the Doctor was kidnapped after a fireball took out the buyer’s bodyguards. Two of the party were injured with Shade almost dying. The group ends up banging on a Street Doc’s door that Mason knew and bargaining for medical help for Shade and the dwarf prisoner the group took.

We later found out the buyer was supposedly dead, a shock to Shade since it was someone he knew personally. His right hand man blaming it on Shadowrunners and the man’s dealings with them. Shade set up to meet with someone else from Mitsuhama to find out what was going on. A text from IceM@n about checking for bugs has G-Force finding two, one in her purse for location and another for audio. Shade has a double conversation explaining he had gotten involved with a local gangster and things were bad, he was surprised what had happened with his contact but he wondered if it was true. In actuallity he wants to get down to why someone was casting ritual magic and why some eagle shaman spear weilding native american girl had almost killed him, plus what really happened to his contact.

IceM@n after Shade’s friend leaves thinks it was the right hand man and probably way over their heads on some Corporate High Level Shenanigans.


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