Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 4/Episode 6: Armored Car Robbery P3

The aftermath

Two security cars: One slagged, one parked but on fire.

Four Security guards from the cars: Two crispy, one dead from frag grenade, one gun down at point blank range after his gun jammed.

Primary target Armored Cargo Van: Flipped, no front windshield, back doors melted open.
Rigger dead from Machine Gun fire to the upper torso.
Security Mage (Team Leader): MIA last seen fleeing an earth elemental.
Drone: Disabled due to sniper rifle fire and being dragged out of the sky by an earth elemental.

Drone: Eventually taken out by a combination of gun fire from various sources.

Ghost Dog almost dead slightly annoyed by fireball to the face.
Lynx: Down two back tires and 1/2 his sweet paint job.
Shade: Attacked by an Earth elemental from the security team possibly, down two functioning legs and almost dead, after a trauma patch and pulling out Shade’s med kit the teenager hacker dragged Shade to his vechile before the mage calmly told his car a location to auto pilot to and made a call to DocWagon before checking into the waypoint for his DocWagon pickup for surgery.

Loot: 1/2 the containers.

Many lessons learned.

Civilian collateral damage: 4 dead; 15-20 injured


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