Illusions of Immortality: Tales from the Shadows

Season 4/Episode 7: Price on your head and Farm Mayhem

Shade with a cane meets up with the group for a celebration party thrown by Tommy. Lynx asked for compensation for his car that was melted by Shade’s fireball. It ends up turning into Shade dismissing such things and finding his car later vandalized.

Ghost Dog’s student and Lynx younger brother ‘hook up’.

Later Ghost Dog gets a call to kill a private eye, with 100k job offer he wonders if he can turn it down since it’s the private eye he hired to get info on the Yakuza Boss that has the hit on her.

Ghost Dog talks to the team about it. The team has mixed feeling about possibly killing the person since their innocent or trying to find a body to use to fake the girl’s death to get the money. Shade is the only one willing to really go along with the plan to split the 100k. Lynx and John have mixed feelings on the group doing anything this covert, sneaky, or medically tampering with a ‘head’ to look like someone elses. IceM@n thinks it’s just a lot of money to offer for the head of some low level PI. Plus he’s heard the Yakuza lately have been getting involved with Insect Spirits and IceM@n does want anything to crawl into his ear and eat his brain or go up his butt, he’s unsure how they take over people from various movies he’s seen. He doesn’t like either option.

Ghost Dog and Shade end up doing a bit of stealthy investigation by which Ghost Dog just kicks open doors and looks around for clues. She finds the PI’s gear and pulls all the photos off the wall at her office. She goes to the girl’s apartment and gets ambushed. Shade waits down stairs until gunshot was heard and he does emergency trauma first aid so Ghost Dog doesn’t plead out. Once conscious she puts out an all calls to the team.

The team find Shade feeling better and not needing his cane as much and Ghost Dog bandages, pacing, and ploting on doing things to a ‘beard faced midget’ and ‘bastard who shot me’. Ghost Dog lets the rest of the team know since we were to wishy washy on the job she opted to do it herself for the money and to not get herself dimed out by the PI she hired to investigate the Yakuza that wanted her dead. There was another team hired for the job who ambushed her, she also reveals her mentoree and Lynx’s brother Phsyco are on their way into NAN territories. IceM@n raises his hand and asked if Amy and Lynx’s brother is on the other team. Ghost moves in to slap him and thinks about it and swears. The team opts to figure out what to do for a road trip. Ghost Dog gets a voicemail to come to Moscow. For some odd reason IceM@n pulls out a Kosack hat.


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